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I’m a big believer that playing sports can teach you a lot about life. I played football for a long time. I started in seventh grade and played through all four years of college. I was pretty good in high school (hence playing in college). In college I saw the field, but not nearly as […]

Science, Fear, and Vaccines

One thing that’s been in the news again lately is the talk about the anti-vaccine crowd (mostly thanks to ABC’s The View hiring the worst anti-vaccinator of them all, Jenny McCarthy). This is a common point of frustration for me in my practice. The science is very clear: there is no link between vaccines and […]

Uncomfortable situation

Note: the wife had some thoughts and asked if I could post them on my blog for her. I’m a sucker for a hot brunette so I obliged So, I don’t normally write notes or posts or blogs, etc.but I have come across a situation that I can’t get out of my head. I was […]

Father’s Day

Recently at church a point was made that actually ended up having a fairly profound effect on me. (It’s worth citing that Russell Schlecht was responsible for most of the things I’m about to write) It was a discussion about the balance of work and family. Work always want more of me. Always needs this […]


I often sit and just reflect on life (i.e. this writing). It’s a fascinating and addictive thing that I’ve been doing off and on since at least high school. It’s strange. These seasons of reflection come and go at random times. I like them and I’ve noticed their absence when they weren’t here. It seems […]