I often sit and just reflect on life (i.e. this writing). It’s a fascinating and addictive thing that I’ve been doing off and on since at least high school. It’s strange. These seasons of reflection come and go at random times. I like them and I’ve noticed their absence when they weren’t here. It seems that during the holidays I almost always spend a good portion of time just picturing the future God has for me and the reflections of the past.

Honestly, I spend most of the time looking forward. I wonder if and hope that it will always be this way. What about when I’m old and the majority of my Earthly life experiences are behind me instead of in front? Will I still reflect?

The idea of someday losing this reflectivocity-ness is one of my greatest fears. I’m confident that Leonardo Da Vinci, Elijah, John the Baptist, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther spent their fair share of time just sitting and thinking. I’ve noticed that when these times coincide with the seasons that I’m walking with God – it actually becomes a time of reflection/meditation/prayer. It’s pretty amazing.

 I’ve decided to start a blog. My hope is that it will prompt me to sit down, write down thoughts and think out loud. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny (at least to me), sometimes professional.
I realize that this opens me up to a large amount of vulnerability. Oh well. If I get negative pushback or comments, I’ll just make these thoughts private again. If you read this, it’s probably just because you thought I had something of worth to say. Sorry if you’re disappointed.

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